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#BibbyGumboBookClub welcomes Children’s Author, Kimmie Tubre of the adorable ” NOLA LOUISE ” book series to East New Orleans Regional Library. Little Miss NOLA Louise of The Nola Louise Project travels #NewOrleans in search of adventure and more! ••• Aug 1st at 11am ••• Register your baby at


“A writer from a young age, Kimmie partnered with her mom to create a children’s book series about NOLA Louise. The first in the series, NOLA Goes to the Zoo, takes kids on a tour of New Orleans’ beloved Audubon Zoo, where they can search for all their favorite animals (just as long as they help Mom with chores first!). NOLA Louise Believes is expected to be out sometime in the fall.”

~Lauren Adams, Where Y’at Magazine  Full Article


“In Nola Goes to the Zoo, Nola takes her readers on a lesson learning journey. “In order to get to the Zoo, she must finish her chores,” said Kimmie. “It’s simply an adorable story with a character ‘Nola’ that you will fall in love with.”

~  Full Article 





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